Green Tomato Chutney

Following on from my previous post, today I was out in the garden salvaging all the green tomatoes I could before the blight takes them all. These are some of the larger beefsteak tomatoes, Country Taste but there were lots of others. I made the most wonderful batch of green tomato chutney today. You will have to make a spice bag, I used star anise, cloves, coriander seed, mustard seed, allspice berries, mace. Bundle them up in a little muslin bag and tie with string. (don't forget to take it out when it's cooked!)
4 pounds green tomatoes, chopped, 1pound shallots, 2 pounds cooking apples, 2 pints malt vinegar, 2 jalapeno chillis, grated fresh ginger.
Boil these veggies in 2 pints of vinegar and spice bag for about 40 minutes until slightly thicker and reduced. Then add 1 pound sugar, 8oz raisins and 1teaspoon salt and boil until it reaches the colour and thickness you want. Keep stirring as it may stick to the pan.