Bramley Apples

What a fantastic year for Bramley Apples! So many of mine are beginning to fall off the tree that it is time to pick them and store them. I only had to hold each apple and twist very gently and they were all just so ready to come off the tree that only a little breeze or a frost would have them all spoiled. Bramleys are the most famous British cooking apples. A bit too sharp to eat, but fantastic flavour for cooking. There is a British fruit grower Ken Muir who offers for sale cuttings from the original apple tree which is still alive in a garden in Nottinghamshire. This tree was planted from a pip in about 1805 and is still going strong. What an interesting piece of history. I have picked mine now and I keep them spread on a mesh tray in the dark garage. Dark and cold is the secret for keeping apples...... now what to do with them all?