Hot Stuff!

It was only out of curiosity that I planted some seeds from a Scotch Bonnet chilli that I bought in a West Indian shop back in Spring. Despite the miserable Summer I think they have done OK. I still haven't had the opportunity to 'test' them yet... will let you know.
Cut open one of my pumpkins today. Such a lovely firm texture and a great taste. I made a batch of pumpkin soup last night... totally wonderful!
Another mystery in the garden this year. This is not such a good picture but my broccoli 'Rudolph' has reached 5foot tall and is still growing! I cannot work it out! I use the same variety I do every year, and by October or November they might be a healthy 2ft tall by Winter. The only suggestion is that; 1. we have had a very wet Summer. 2. I put lots of manure in that spot last year for the pumpkin patch. 3. I planted them a couple of weeks earlier this year. 4. all of the above! Can't wait for next April...
Finally, just look at the progress my pineapple has made since I bought a small cutting back from the Azores in June this year. After visiting a pineapple plantation over there I gained a few tips on cultivation. Heat, Heat and more Heat. Will have to leave a heated propagator on during Winter.