A Visit to Veggie Heaven

I made a trip today to West Dean Gardens near Chichester, Sussex. Here you will find the most amazing series of walled gardens, including this walled vegetable garden.
A dazzling display of late Autumn colour and regimental tidiness. Highly recommended for a day out if you are down that way.
Fruit trees in the walled fruit garden have been trained in amazing shapes.
Just look at the height of these ordinary tomatoes just grown in a pot in the greenhouse. Must be up to 15ft tall.
West Dean is host to the famous "Totally Tomato Show" and the "Chilli Fiesta" each year so there are just so many varieties of tomatoes and chillis to choose from.

I particularly liked this chilli named "Whippet's Tail".. I think I might start collecting veggies which are named after dogs. I know of "Dog Bean" does anyone know of any others I might look out for?
More Chillis. Thousands of varieties in the greenhouse left over from their "Chilli Fiesa"

The famous "Friars Hat" chilli.
And just next door to West Dean is a must-see attraction the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum is a collection of preserved, re-located and restored ancient rural buildings. Many are from the 15th century and onwards. Barns, cottages, sawmills, blacksmiths, lovingly restored. If you have a foreign visitor to England, and you want to entertain them, I can think of no better place. To my friend Debbie... I say "This is on your list!"
A 15th Century country cottage... what the Americans might call "Really Old!!"