Potting up Tomatoes

Just in the last week the days have been a little warmer and a little sunnier and the days are getting a little longer. My first batch of tomato seedlings have responded and are now developing their first set of true leaves. Next week I am going away to the USA for a short trip and at this rate I don't think they will fare well in these small modules in which I planted the seeds. The root systems are well developed and I don't want to check their growth which is rampant at the moment.
Armed with my supply of 'liberated' chip forks - for the benefit of my American readers these are disposable wooden forks which are found in the good old English fish and chip shops! - these make fantastic plant labels.
Now comes the clever bit... this time of year I collect all my eggshells and keep them in a dry, warm place (the drawer under the cooker) and use them to crumble a small amount into the bottom of each of the pots. I will use eggshells again when I eventually plant them out into their final plot - along with a bizarre selection of other items. When you finally plant out your tomatoes, dig a big hole into which you put some fish heads (for calcium), a couple of aspirin tablets (helps the plant's immune system), more egg shells (calcium helps prevent blossom end rot) and a handful of bonemeal. This is also the advice that you will find on Cynthias blog Loveapple farm. I can highly recommend a visit.
Also happening in the greenhouse this week, are my purple podded peas. They are springing up nicely. I have a few extra seeds if anyone wants to do a swap?
I am trying a new way of growing spring onions 'White Lisbon' this year. I think in the USA they are known as scallions?? I am growing a bunch of onions, about 6 seeds in a module and I will plant out the bunch together at spaces. This means that I will be able to pick them a bunch at a time. Fingers crossed.