Seattle's Best Coffee!

Americans have laws against driving your car whilst speaking on a handheld mobile phone (quite right!) but they have no law against drinking a boiling hot coffee! All over the state you have drive-thru coffee huts. Actually, in Seattle you cannot just order 'May I have a cup of coffee please?'.. No!... that will be a 'Latte Grande, two shots, Columbian beans, 2% milk, with vanilla syrup and a biscotti to go please' Whilst in Washington State I had the pleasure of furthering my studies by visiting Wolf Haven - a rescue and study center for Grey Wolves and a breeding programme for the rare Mexican Wolves and Red Wolves. The staff informed us that they might be a little sad when we visited last Saturday as one of their oldest wolves had just that night passed away at the old age of fifteen. We had only been in the grounds for 5 minutes when all 50 of these wolves began to HOWL! I was treated to a full 5 minutes of the most musical and heart-wrenching experience!
Meanwhile back at home my purple podded peas have made good progress growing in their loo rolls (I know how the SAGBUTTS love it when I call them that!) they will be ready to plant out soon.
The shallots Pikant which I saved from last year are doing really well in their modules. They have been hardening off outside for a couple of weeks and are ready to plant out now.
Today I uncovered my blanched rhubarb. Part of this patch have been covered with a black dustbin to exclude light, and the resulting stalks are sweet and tasty. The stems now are becoming a lighter colour and much thinner so I will leave them to grow on naturally now. Compare them to the crown on the right of the picture which has grown uncovered.
Here, just picked, washed and then chopped and cooked in the microwave with a spoon of sugar. Garden to tummy in 10 minutes!
Sweet, tender and delicious!