Fresh London Pineapple!

When I walked into my greenhouse this afternoon the sweet aroma of ripe pineapple told me it was time. Anyone who has grown fruit, particularly melons or peaches will tell you that they give off a heavenly fragrance when they are ripe. So the table was prepared.
This pineapple top was prepared below, by pulling off a few layers of leaves to reveal the vestigial roots of the next plant. I will leave this pineapple top in the greenhouse for a few days to dry off and ripen.
The sweet flesh inside was juicy and golden yellow.
The final product was absolutely wonderful. Sweet, fragrant and juicy.
It has been my ambition to grow a pineapple since seeing a documentary about the pineapple pits at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. It is possible to grow a pineapple in London. The secret??.....heat, warmth and more heat!