Yellow Squash Pie

About this time of year, gardeners can sometimes be at a loss to know what to do with a glut of courgettes or squash. Matron has in-laws from the Southern United States (Alabama) and it is a Southern favourite to make Yellow Squash Pie . These are yellow straightneck squash, but you could use any sort of yellow squash, courgette or pumpkin. I slice and cook the squash in the microwave so as not to add more water than necessary. For this 9" pie crust I used the two squash in the top left corner of the picture above. Feed them through a potato ricer, or mash them up. It is quite nice to leave a few lumps in the final pie.
I drained some of the excess moisture from the squash. To this add, 2 tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon flour, 2oz melted butter, juice of 1/2 lemon, vanilla essence, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons single cream, salt. (Some traditional recipes use shredded coconut, or essence but I did not.)
Spoon the sloppy mixture into a 9" pie crust and bake.
This is a close relative of the pumpkin pie. Best eaten warm or cold.
Changing subjects...

There's a frog in my hosta, dear readers, dear readers,
There's a frog in my hosta, dear readers... a frog!
Yet another clear signal that if you decide not to spray unwanted critters out of your garden, eventually mother nature will find a way to do it for you. Hopefully Jean-Luc here will rid me of the slugs and snails! Bon Apetite Jean-Luc!