Tomato Library - Part 2

At last my Cream Sausage tomatoes have ripened! I wasn't sure what to look for because they have been hanging around on the plant just looking green for ages. These have been fun to grow, I was hoping that they might look a bit more 'sausage like' but we'll see what the rest do. Great flavour too. These are Black Cherry tomatoes . The seed was sent to me in the Spring from Kath at Veg Heaven. I love the size of these tomatoes - two bites! The flavour doesn't disappoint either. They look specacular in a bowl with other coloured tomatoes. Definitely a keeper!
I just love the colour of these Golden Gem tomatoes. This seed was liberated from West Dean gardens last Autumn. This photograph almost doesn't do the colour justice, it is more vibrant than you can imagine. I have grown this as a bush in a hanging basket and as a straight cordon. It swings both ways!
I just have to show you how the Ildi tomatoes grow. Each of the trusses must have at least 100 tomatoes on it. The fruit are about the size of a gooseberry.
I am lucky enough to be able to compare different varieties of tomatoes in a 'taste test'. I put a pile of different coloured tomatoes in a bowl and we compare notes. In my mind, these are every bit as good as Sungold!! That is saying something because everyone raves about Sungold. The taste of these Ildi tomatoes is fantastic - but you get loads more for your money!
The Royal Horticultural Society must agree with this verdict as they have awarded Ildi a prestigious Award of Garden Merit - AGM.