Let the Season Begin!

At last there is light at the end of the tunnel! There are signs of Spring around all over the place!These are some first early new potatoes 'Rocket' which I am leaving to chit in the garden shed. They should be frost free and in daylight. If you leave them in their bags they are likely to damage their shoots. If you keep them in the dark the shoots become white and spindly and break off. Rocket is the first early variety I choose to grow in a pot in the greenhouse for a special first picking.
The variety of leek I am growing this year is the F1 hybrid 'Oarsman'. I've not grown these before, but when I went to the RHS Autumn show at Wisley last year the man in the National Vegetable Society stall recommended this variety. Gardeners tend to be creatures of habit, and everyone has heard of Mussleburgh leeks because they have been around for so long, they are what most people tend to grow..just because....Well, 'Oarsman' is a new, improved variety. It is supposed to stand right through Winter and be resistant to bolting and to leek rust. Only downside is..... I only get 40 seeds in the packet! daylight robbery!