Matron's Special 600th Post!

Has it really been 600 posts? - well the post counter on the dashboard says it has! I was contacted recently by someone from the Royal Horticultural Society and I was asked if I wanted to become involved in some activity to support their RHS biodiversity project. 2010 is the year of biodiversity so I was asked if I would run a competition on my blog.
So the RHS are offering you a wonderful prize of a one year membership, which entitles you and a friend free entry to any RHS garden! and this is what you have to do....
Just think about it for the moment, and I will post details of how to enter on Saturday May 1st, but I would like you to think about writing just 100 words on what YOU are doing in your garden to promote biodiversity. Matron doesn't want you to get overcome with doom and gloom, neither does she want a political rant. Just a nice, gentle, uplifting, innovative, clever, creative, inspiring 100 words. That's all! - Matron will choose the winner!
So, can you eat your bodyweight in maggots and larvae every day? can you?