Still in the Greenhouse

The temperature in the greenhouse over the past few days has been rising. Most of these little modules have to be watered every day, even twice a day. Still not ready to go out, we are still getting frosts most nights so only hardy plants can go out at the moment.

I am pleased that several of my lemongrass seeds have germinated, so let's see how long I can keep them alive!

These are some salmon flowered peas that Celia from Purple Podded Peas gave me last year. I look forward to seeing these lovely flowers.

PSB Broccoli 'Rudolph' and Brussels Sprout 'Bosworth' have now germinated. This is the first time I have grown sprouts. Hope I will have some for Christmas! fingers crossed.
Here is the PSB Rudolph that I planted this time last year. Still producing loads of lovely broccoli almost every day. Patience is something that new gardeners have to learn! this was sown a year ago - but well worth it.