The bees just LOVE vegetable flowers! I always try to leave a couple of whatever I am growing to go to seed and flower. The most spectacular success a couple of years ago was leaving a parsnip in the ground to grow and flower the next year. 6 ft tall and masses of yellow flowers covered in bees! These chive flowers are no exception! Pretty in a pot on the patio!

The 3 Sisters planting is looking rather good at the moment. I had to put in some bamboo canes for the beans to climb up, but the runner beans, sweetcorn and pumpkins are attracting yet more bees on to the patch.

This is one of my Queensland Blue pumpkins which has started to grow. Blink once or twice and it will have doubled in size! This is the time that, should you wish to do so, you get a needle out of your sewing kit, and you carefully scratch a smiley face in your pumpkin!

Courgettes are in full flood at the moment too! We've had quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks, and I've been picking a new batch of these Defender courgettes every few days. Again, blink twice and you have a monster pumpkin on your hands!

One veggie I am particularly looking forward to is this new Delizia cucumber. New this year from Medwyns of Anglesey, this F1 hybrid cucumber is a very pale green, small straight cucumber. Very thin skinned and with a flesh almost like a melon. Incredibly prolific, a cucumber at every leaf joint as well as side shoots establishing. Looking good!

These long beetroot Cylindra have enjoyed the wet weather (so have the weeds!) I love these long beetroot, they are just brilliant for slicing!