Our plums are ripe at the moment. It has been a really great year for plums, plenty of large, sweet plums that are completely free of maggots this year. This year, I just didn't get around to setting a sticky plum moth trap in the tree, but it seems it didn't matter! These will be eaten quickly!

Just have a look at the effect that the shortening days have made to these onions. On 20th June they were straight, as above.

and as the plant senses that the days are getting shorter, they start to store energy for the Winter. These Bedfordshire Champion onions were planted as seeds on Boxing day!

The Bishops Kiss chillis are just starting to set. Lovely, big, healthy plants in the greenhouse.

These are a brand new variety of cucumber which I am growing in the greenhouse. Delizia cucumbers are new this year from Medwyns of Anglesey. A short, pale green cucumber which is closely related to a melon. I look forward to seeing these grow.

These Crimson Flowered Broad Beans are in full production at the moment. A brilliant crop without a single infestation of blackfly. As with the lack of maggots in the plums above, I wonder if the very cold Winter has knocked back a lot of the pests? I've not known a year like it.