Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

This year I have grown a spectacular looking tomato called Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato. Seed kindly sent to me by Dan at this Urban Veggie Garden in Canada. These lovely pink purple tomato have green stripes which turn to silver.
A lovely beefsteak tomato with a superb texture. I am growing these in the greenhouse this year and their growth habit is to grow as a bush.
Such a beautiful slicing tomato! Thanks Dan!
Meanwhile back in the garden, the chickens continue to lay an egg each day, but it looks as if Chicken 'Patty' the white Sussex hen is laying tiny little eggs. Chicken 'Jollof' the black hen continues to lay slightly darker brown eggs.
I have heard that these little eggs are known as 'witch eggs' can any hen keepers out there shed light on this phenomenon? Does it have anything to do with being harrassed by a yellow Labrador?