I picked my first cucumber Delizia today. This is a new F1 hybrid available for the first time this year. A handy size for a lunch table. Pale green, thin skin.

Fantastic taste and texture. And like all freshly picked fruit and vegetables.. I could smell it from the moment it was picked! Highly recommended.

I picked my first crop of Royalty dwarf beans today. These are amazingly prolific, there are hundreds more to come! These were from seed saved (borrowed...) from the productive gardens at the Lost Gardens of Heligan a number of years ago. An old Victorian variety, tender, prolific and quick to mature.

And Leo has had a busy day too! We have my Sisters chickens staying with us for a couple of weeks over the holidays. Leo was amazed! barking and running around!

Intrigued, fascinated, excited. Wagging tail all afternoon!