Fairy Eggs!

On the subject of these tiny little eggs that Chicken Patty has been laying. A little internet research on the subject has shed some light. Sometimes known as Witch eggs, or Fairy eggs, or even Cock eggs (Matron likes that one!) these tiny eggs are sometimes laid by hens when some sort of stress has interrupted their reproductive cycle. The egg starts to develop and the shell is made before the yolk has a chance to develop. Patty's eggs are now returning to a more normal size now. She is an adult hen and has been laying well for more than a year now. Perhaps the stress of a temporary home and close observation by a yellow Labrador hasn't helped!
I dug up a few blubs of Elephant Garlic today. These were planted out of curiosity from a supermarket bulb. I didn't expect them to grow at all really. Supposed to be quite mild.
My blackberries are about a month early and ENORMOUS this year. When tying back the new leader shoots last year, I shortened each one down to about half its length which was about 6ft long. Fewer trusses of fruit, but many more and much larger than usual.
Tomatoes in the greenhouse are beginning to ripen now. These are Gardeners Delight.
I am delighted with these Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes. Grown for the first time this year, as part of my Buddy Morris memorial vegetable garden. All of these plants are fully laden with huge, pear shaped tomatoes. One plant was so heavy that the bamboo cane supporting it snapped. They still need to ripen a bit more, but the productivity of this variety is amazing.
These Discovery apples are also about a month early. This is from a family fruit tree I bought from Ken Muir a few years ago. 3 varieties grafted on to one root stock. These look spectacular, though they are a bit soft and not acid enough for my taste. The thinning out of the early fruit has really paid dividends. There are some large ones to come. Matron does like a large one!