The fruits of Spring!

Here are the first few sticks of rhubarb from my patch. January 2007 a good friend dug up one of his large crowns and generously gave me about 5 or 6 crowns. I held back all last year throughout Summer and I did not pick a single stick in order to let it build up its strength. rhubarb is a greedy feeder! it will take any amount of compost or manure you can give it. Keep it well watered and well fed and mulched and it will pay you back.
Here it is, still squealing. I just added some brown sugar, juice of an orange and some orange zest. It also goes well with ginger. Does anyone know of any other simple way of serving stewed rhubarb? Any flavours that go particularly well? I heard that you can just dip raw rhubarb in sugar and eat it that way... don't even try it! That advice must have been an April fool.. the roof of your mouth will never forgive you.