A Good Friday

Easter has come early this year! The date of Easter is supposed to be something like the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring equinox.. or something like that.... Gardening tradition has it that you must plant your new potatoes on Good Friday. So I did. Three rows of International Kidney. If I grew this same variety on the island of Jersey I would be allowed to call them Jersey Royal. Anyway, my broccoli has been just about ready for the past couple of days so Ipicked my first bunch today and ate them 'still squealing' just steamed for 5 minutes and served with a hint of melted butter. mmmmm
I am looking forward to my first feed of rhubarb this year. A good friend gave me some crowns last January, so I planted them and did not pick any stalks last year even though there was quite a good show. This is to allow them to build up reserves. It looks as if it is going to be a bumper crop this year. You can also just see at the bottom of the picture above that I use old carpets as pathways round the allotment. Today I spotted that a neighbour was throwing out some old carpets into a skip outside her house. As it happens, they are a perfect size for cutting up for pathways. More re-cycling !! grrrreat!
Several weeks ago in the greenhouse I planted some ultra first early Rocket potato in a bag in the greenhouse. I have been protecting them with fleece on cold nights, but you can see they are already doing well. Isn't it so special to get your first new potatoes just a few weeks earlier?
The shallots are doing well in their new bed. A couple of them sadly, have suffered from the effects of a large, black, canine walking across them to get to his favourite corner of the patch. hmmmm.
I'm trying something new this year. I have read that you can force an early crop of dwarf, French beans in the greenhouse. So I will give it a try.