Living Pet Foods

Another much awaited arrival in the post today was from Seeds of Italy. They have started a range of Living Pet Foods, a selection of plants which are specially formulated to supplement the diet of a whole variety of pets. This mixture of seeds, (Lolium Perenne, Cicoria Spadona, Ordeum Vulgaris, Lattuga Batavia Parigi), is chosen to suit the natural and nutritional needs of dogs. The lolium and ordeum in particular aid normal digestion and intestinal function of the animal. I will now have to go and look up the common names of these varieties...

Lolium Perenne = Perennial Ryegrass
Cicoria Spadona = Sword Chicory
Ordeum Vulgaris = Barley
Lattuga Batavia = Lettuce

I have also read that dogs find Parsley and Aniseed beneficial to their digestion. I will plant up a little area and see if Buddy goes for it! Awaits the doggy taste test.