Potting up

I spent a couple of happy hours in the greenhouse yesterday, 'potting up'. With my Radio4 playing in the background, along with the howling gale outside, I managed to pot up all my little tomato seedlings. Alicante, Moneymaker, Sungold, Country Taste, Golden Jubilee and Garden Pearl. Please note the re-use of plastic cutlery and white plastic washing up liquid bottles as plant labels.
I was lucky enough to do a seed swap recently and obtained a heritage variety Purple Podded Peas. I sowed them into toilet rolls and allowed the roots to develop before hardening them off outside over the past few weeks. I understand that like many old varieties, these grow very tall, so I have erected some 8ft bamboo poles into a wigwam.
Finally, a sight I have been waiting for.. my first signs of purple sprouting broccoli have appeared. Much more to come over the following weeks. Spring is almost here! Hooray!