Spring is Here!

Well Spring must be here because the blossom is out! A wonderful show this year, the perfume is heady and I have even seen a few early bees doing their duty!
My purple podded peas are settling in well to their new home. A few weeks before I planted them out, I pinched out the tips of the seedlings. This encourages side shoots to form, on which there will be a large number of pods.

At last my spinach and Swiss Chard are showing signs of recovery. Throughout Winter they just sit there and appear to do nothing, then, as if by magic.. they start to grow and grow and grow. From now until about June or July there will be an endless supply of fresh green leaves!
They say a watched pot never boils, but I can't help going out and looking at my little tomato plants each day! They are still in a heated propagator to keep them warm at night, but during the day they can get a little warm inside the greenhouse as the sun is getting brighter. If they get too much heat and not enough light they go spindly and tall. Now is the time to strike a difficult balance between not getting them get chilled, and starting to get them very slightly hardened off. Lids off and greenhouse door open on warm sunny days from now on.