Extra Tender and Sweet

This variety of sweetcorn does exactly what it says on the tin! This variety is 'Extra tender and sweet'. Many of these new improved varieties have similar names. A new generation of plant breeding has come up with a range of 'supersweet' sweet corn which grows well in our changeable British climate. Years ago you used to have to test a kernel with a fingernail to see exactly when the right time to pick them was. Too late and you had a hard, dry inedible corn cob. They also used to demand a long-hot Summer. No longer!
I have found that they can stay on the plant for weeks without spoiling! Whenever you pick them they will be perfect.
They are so tender and sweet in fact, that you are supposed to be able to eat them raw like this as if you were eating an apple! I haven't tried them because the thought of them cooked and eaten with butter is too tempting!
So that is exactly what I did!
Of course, I had an audience!
And even the leftovers were pecked over by the chickens!