Happy Birthday Blog!

Here are my tomato cuttings! With the encouragement and photo from UKBob I decided to give it a try, seeing that these tomato seeds were about £1 each I thought it would be worth it. Looks like good progress!

My blog is 2 years old today!! Happy Birthday Blog! What a wonderful and interesting pastime blogging is? Believe it or not I do actually have a very busy professional job outside of my garden, but still I find time to dig my soil and write my blog! 2 years ago it was my buddy Stan who persuaded me that people might like to share my gardening experiences on a blog. I was not convinced to say the least... it wouldn't work, nobody would be interested.. in fact, Stan himself has discovered veggie gardening himself in a big way... yaaaay!
I wonder why these delicious little fruit are called straw-berries? Well, to stop the berries getting damp from laying on the soil, you put straw underneath!
These globe artichokes are getting bigger day by day. Today this one is the size of an orange, I think I will make it a little fleece covering and tie it round the stem. So far it appears un-discovered by blackfly, but I won't risk it much longer.
Finally, looks like it is going to be a good year for apples!