Taking a chance - planting out

My beautiful purple podded peas have started to flower. Many thanks to Celia who suggested a seed swap earlier in the year. The plants are about 3ft tall now and looking good.
The weather has taken a warm turn the last week or so, the temperature has been up in the 70s most days and fairly warm most nights. I took a chance and planted out my sweet corn today. Sweet corn is wind pollinated so you must plant corn in blocks rather than lines. The pollen falls from a tuft on the top of the plant, and reaches the tassles on the cobs down below.
I also planted out a few more tomato plants, and one of my courgette Defender, in a black plastic dustbin. It is always taking a chance when you decide to plant out. We might be very unlucky and get a late frost... or we might not.
More family news..... my Sister has given her chickens names....
Tikka and Korma.