A New Arrival in the Family..

My Sister took posession of two hens today! Here they are in a cat-basket on the way home. These two are a breed called Bovan Goldline, which is a cross between Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex. Supposed to be easy to keep for beginners. Recent reports indicate that they have been tucking into a treat of squished snails! These point of lay birds were running round a field in the Cotswolds this morning... A bit scarey for them being taken away in a cat-box but I wonder how they feel about living in Cricklewood?
My Crimson flowered Broad Bean gets more spectacular day by day!
Has anyone noticed how much apple blossom there is around this year? It seems that the trees are smothered in blossom at the moment. Let's hope my Bramley does better than it did last year.
Finally, here is Buddy trying to look excited at how much everything has grown in the last couple of days.. Behind him you can just see my purple podded peas. Actually I think he was enjoying getting his paws muddy.