A Sunny Weekend

This afternoon in the garden my thermometer in the shade registered 82 degrees. I could hear thunder in the distance and the air was humid. I decided not to do the digging today, but decided to do some planting out. Above is one of the first glimpses of my gooseberry 'Invicta' just about marble sized at the moment. Such a short season, but a really sweet, ripe gooseberry has to be eaten to be believed - a real treat!
The herb garden was enjoying the baking hot sunshine today. I know that every time I tell you all that Matron does not do flowers... you can't eat flowers.. some bright spark pipes up to tell me that you can eat nasturtiums and chive flowers.. well here you are. Satisfied? I'm not eating them. I did however, enjoy a potato salad today with my home grown garlic chives - a superb subtle flavour, highly recommended.
The highlight of the day today for me had to be finding my first purple podded pea. So soon after those beautiful flowers (see below) had gone over, I found this little gem nestling under the leaves. Fantastic!
I set up my automatic greenhouse watering system today. This really saves a lot of hard work and panic during the hot Summer days. A clever little valve system at the bottom of each of these 'autopots' dripsjust a continuous stream of water below the pots. These tomatoes are really taking off now, most have trusses of flowers and the Sungold has a tiny fruit set already!
Here is one of my greenhouse cucumber 'Tiffany'. This is an F1 hybrid all female variety. I am going to plant a later crop in mid July/August to grow later in the season when this one has started to fade.