Aquadulce Claudia

I think this is one of my favourite varieties of broad bean. Aquadulce Claudia is a variety which you can plant in the Autumn if you prefer and it will overwinter quite happily. I don't tend to do this, there are too many pitfalls in my mind. I have grown an Imperial Longpod this year as well, longer pods (strangely!) but I found that they were not as prolific or sturdy as my old friend Claudia. I made a second successional planting of broad beans and these are just being picked now. They do have a heavy infestation of blackfly, but I don't think that these have much of an effect on the final product. They look awful, but I will put up with it rather than spray the bejazus out of them! Besides which, I noticed today that I have a really healthy ladybird population on my broad beans too! Natural predators - so great to see nature taking its course.

I've had some wonderful contributions to Matron's Worldwide Veggie Show 2009 so far, so please keep your entries coming to me please.