Curcurbit Family Reunion!

Blog readers may remember last Friday I posted about hand pollinating my pumpkins in order to save true seed for next year. Just look at the difference one week has made! This is the same Queensland Blue squash, you can see how much bigger it is and the flower and string have just fallen off. This indicates that pollination was successful and the fruit is growing. You can see below the same has happened to this Rouge Vif D'Etamps pumpkin which I hand pollinated in the same way. They have doubled in size in a week.
In the greenhouse I have a good crop of this all female F1 Cucumber Tiffany. If you see All Female on a packet of seeds this means that you do not have male and female flowers. All the flowers on this plant will bear fruit.
You can see below my climbing courgette Black Forest. This is a wonderful plant for growing if you don't have much space. I am amazed at the productivity of this plant. A courgette is growing from every leaf joint! I just tie it up regularly and at the end of the season it will reach over 8 feet tall.
One of my favourite courgettes is Defender. I grow this bush courgette every year as it has a remarkable tolerance to the mosaic virus - a disease which turns the leaves a mottled yellow colour. This plant grows in a black plastic dustbin.
Another good do-er on the patch is the Yellow Straightneck squash. These are seeds I bought in the USA and the veggies can be used just like courgettes, or you can make Yellow Squash Pie. A recipe favoured in the Southern United States which is similar to pumpkin pie.
This time of year all these curcurbits are growing fast. Don't forget to feed and water yours!