Welcome to Matron's Worldwide Veggie Show 2009

I've had an amazing response from many bloggers to Matron's Worldwide Veggie Show 2009. THANK YOU! So many pictures, I would love to have posted them all but I would be here all night! So I chose my favourites so I chose a variety of edibles.

To get us off to a wonderful start, this fantastic plate of peas from Dan at Urban Veggie Garden in Canada. Fantastic Dan!

What a wonderful picture of six perfectly sized veggies from Amanda in Ontario, Canada at Someone Elses Kitchen. It is a bit early in the season there, but she made a fantastic entry! Maureen at My Lottie Heaven sent me this wonderful picture of her Siamese Courgette! (should this be conjoined courgettes?...)This brings back memories of lots of rude shapes vegetables I used to smile at as a child. Actually I still do! Thanks Maureen! These are Loganberries from Rob at A Plot Too Far. I have also had a great crop this year, they make a wonderful addition to Summer Pudding! Yum! From my dear blogmentor Stan at Naive Zebra who grew these at the end of the runway at the airport at Farnborough! These are Sicilian Long White and Yellow Crookneck squash. ..Can I book my place for this year's airshow please Stan? What a wonderful display of peas from Carrie at Grow our Own. You can see the bloom on these, they are so fresh! These lovely broad beans are red epicure grown by Cat of Stripes in France. This is a variety I must try to grow next year. I shall look out for some seeds. This beautiful photo is from Michelle at Veg Plotting. It looks like you could turn it into an apple sundial! I just love featuring unusual or slightly less common veggies. We should all give them a try! Here are some Rats Tails Radish from RR in Neulichimgarten in Germany. This lovely Kale is from Emily at Greens and Jeans. I just love brassicas! This entry is from Stephen at My Veggie Patch at the Bottom of the Garden - this must be one of the longest blog titles! These are Kelvedon wonder. Hey! that's weird.. I was driving through Kelvedon this afternoon - it is in Essex (not Suffolk)! Matron's SMILE award goes to two bloggers. This is from Karen at Greenwalks in Seattle. These Cascadia sugar snap peas show imagination and appeals to my vanity! M for Matron! Matron's SMILE award also goes to Kath from Veg Heaven. These red epicure broad beans are smiling at me! *******************
The very special MATRON'S JUDGE'S DISCRETIONARY AWARD goes to a junior entry, little Sweetpea from Washington State. Sweetpea is the daughter of Catherine from A gardener in Progress. It really warms my heart to see the next generation of veggie gardeners enjoying themselves with veggies! Atta-girl! The BRONZE award goes to KitsapFG at the Modern Victory Garden. A lovely plate of carrots, beautifully presented!

The SILVER award goes to Gintonio from Jardim com Gatos in Portugal. Evenly sized and coloured and beautifully photographed.

Finally the GOLD award for spectacular veggies, beautifully photographed goes to Celia at Purple Podded Peas. Simply stunning!
Once again, a HUGE Thank You to everyone who sent me photographs. I am sorry I can't post all of them (there were about a hundred in all!!!)