Dog Beans!

Buddy was out on the patch this afternoon inspecting the Dog Beans! I was fortunate to do a seed swap with Alexandre from Jardim com Gatos in Portugal. He sent me some of his precious Dog Beans - I had been after them for quite a while.
Buddy does love eating green vegetables with his evening meal. His first preference is courgettes, but he does like spinach and cooked beans. These dog beans have a white flower and the beans are green.
My Yard Long Beans are only a foot tall at the moment. I have been assured by the seed company Dobies, that they do grow in our climate but most research I have done suggests they prefer a more tropical climate. Let's hope Summer comes soon! It has been miserable here.
My Runner Beans Enorma are not quite up to size yet. I have sown a few sweet peas amongst them to encourage bees to pollinate. I have been meaning to mention that here in England we refer to runner beans or climbing beans whereas in the USA I believe they are pole beans. We also refer to dwarf beans or French beans whereas in the USA they are bush beans.
Here below are some of my old heritage variety of climbing beans Lazy Housewife. They are not quite ready yet, but they have a wonderful cream to white flower and are already 7ft tall.
Another climbing bean on the plot is this flat bean, Eden. I love these because no matter how big they get they never get stringy! Of course it is best to pick them small and there are so many of them.
Growing with the flat beans I am growing the purple climbing bean Blauhilde. These purple beans cook to green, they are amazingly prolific and trouble free. These are one of my favourites.
How have your beans been?