Yellow Mirabelles?

There is a dense thicket at the end of my patch. This year one tree has been overloaded with these yellow plum-like fruit. They are sweet, oval shaped and in all respects they are a small yellow plum. I have looked up on Google images and I think they are either a Bullace, or more probably a Mirabelle. Does anyone have an idea what they are? Meanwhile elsewhere on the patch, I have been pruning and clearing up my soft fruit bushes. It is much easier to prune redcurrants and harvest the berries whilst sitting comfortably at a table!
Finally, this activity takes me back to my childhood...
Just for a laugh, get a sharp needle and gently trace a pattern in your tiny pumpkins or squashes. As the pumpkin grows bigger and bigger, so will your shape. My fondest memory down on the allotment with my Father when I was a small girl, was to secretly deface his marrows in this way. I remember one such occasion when I had written "Silly old Daddy!" on one of his prize marrows! Happy memories!