Growing Pineapples!

I would never have dreamed to get my pineapple through the Winter and fruiting! I kept the plant wrapped up in a heated propagator all Winter.. and here you are! I will wait a couple of days till I can smell it, just to be sure of perfect ripeness. I will post later when I pick it and eat it!
I am also thrilled with some tomato seed which I obtained from a large beefsteak tomato purchased in a market in Quebec. Some research has shown that there has been genetic research into improving varieties of tomatoes which can be grown under glass in the Canadian climate. It seems to suit London pretty well too. These are incredibly prolific, tasty and remarkably early for a beefsteak variety. Definitely a keeper for next year.
Finally, here are Tikka and Korma enjoying a little TLC. Both of them jumped up on my lap when I opened a box of dried mealworms!
No luck on the beetroot project I'm afraid! They have been devouring handfulls of chopped up cooked beetroot every day, but not a single sign of pink eggs, eggshells... or pink poo! What an interesting life I lead!