Brussels Sprouts

I've never grown Brussels Sprouts before, but I adore them! Generally, I find growing brassicas of any type laborious and labour intensive. I spend most of the year batting away slugs, pigeons, snails, caterpillars and butterflies away from my patch. Anyway, I decide to give them a go this year to see if I can do it. These new Brussels Sprout 'Bosworth' are a brand new F1 hybrid variety. Supposed to stay longer, ripen earlier, shorter sticks and tighter sprouts. I'm hoping to pick and eat these on Christmas Day!
So far they look healthy and strong. I was given some advice by a wizzened old gardener some time ago as far as growing Brussels sprouts is concerned. You have to treat them rough, don't give them any special soil treatments, just dig a hole in the ground and tread them in with your boot! They like to be firmly tucked up down in the roots. I planted these as far up the stem as I could, watered them in and firmed them down with a boot.
A little bit late this year, but time has come to change the pheromone lure and sticky card in my plum maggot moth trap. You can see all the moths collected last year!
Replace with a new sticky card and a fresh pheromone lure. This contains the 'come and get it boys' smell from the female codling moth. All the little boy moths come from miles around to see if they can get lucky.... Works every time!