More Salmon Flowered Peas

Here is a bit more detail on these wonderful old Salmon Flowered Peas. They are just about perfect at the moment. You can see in the picture below they have a different growing habit from most modern varieties. The flowers all come in a spray at the top of the stem, all in a bunch.
Celia from Purple Podded Peas sent me these seeds to grow, but unfortunately her own patch seem to have some sort of disfiguring disease. A silver lining to that cloud, and a brilliant example of why we should share these rare and unusual seeds, is that I can repay the favour next Spring by giving her some seeds back!
The plants grow to about 4ft high and have dense, bright green foliage. For a more detailed history and botanical description of this variety go and search on Rebsie's blog Daughter of the Soil where she has posted some wonderful details of this variety.
A really sturdy stem.
Much thicker than you would find on newer varieties.
Compare the colour of the foliage with these Hurst Greenshaft peas. This is a glaucous blue-green in comparison with the Salmon peas.
Lovely lovely flowers which will be followed by some edible pods. More later!