Peas and Beans

One of the most relaxing pastimes in the Summer months is to sit down and quietly shell peas or beans.
Many of my Hurst Greenshaft peas were ready for picking so I went down with a trug and picked a crop of peas.
Just a few pods had been invaded by the dreaded pea moth. They lay their eggs in the tiny pods when they are still in flower and then the larvae develops inside the pod as it grows. Not a bad infestation here but I was on the lookout while shelling peas.
Whilst sitting down happily shelling peas I was struck by their symmetrical beauty. I was also thinking about the old sayings ' it's just like shelling peas' or 'those children are just like peas in a pod'.
Beautifully arranged inside the pod, this sight is a work of art.
Boiled for 5 minutes, fresh mint. Perfection!
Meanwhile elsewhere on the patch these runner beans Saint George are just flowering. Just a bit too late to support our English team eh?
Actually I think this white is a very pale shade of pink. Just in case you think that Matron is going soft, I must also point out that these are not flowers! Matron does not do flowers. These are runner beans!