Seasonal Veggies

I love growing old heritage varieties of peas and beans...but Most of the old varieties don't give you a sweet, tender and prolific crop. This year I decided to grow Hurst Greenshaft peas and they are just starting to crop. Most of these pods have 10 or 11 peas inside. Sweet and tender!
Beautiful hot weather in London again today. Up in the 80's and these wonderful cirrus clouds were on show in my back garden. Every so often I like to visit the Cloud Appreciation Society website to look at their gallery.
These old pea and bean varieties have a beautiful show of flowers. This is a climbing bean variety called Mrs Fortunes. Look at these beautiful pink flowers.
The pumpkins and courgettes are enjoying the hot weather and the trailing varieties are growing about a foot a day at the moment. This is a variety of squash called Tromba D'Albegna - it should bend round when it is ripe to resemble a trombone!
And finally...... do we really need Brussels sprouts in the supermarket? Flown all the way from South Africa?.... in June?.. I think not. What about you?