Mystery Tomato

I went to my local hardware store and bought a couple of tomato plants to fill the gaps in my frost bitten plants. This one was called 'Elisir' - so I bought it home and looked it up...not much known about this variety. Has anyone grown Elisir? All I found out was that they were red, an F1 hybrid and resistant to splitting. Lovely hot weather here in London at the moment, so everything is growing up leaps and bounds.
The sweetcorn has grown inches a day at the moment, and the second sowing of seeds that I planted the day after the frost...have caught up with the original survivors and are nearly the same size! I planted out my pumpkins and corn together today. Queensland Blue squash from Scarecrow, and Tromba D'albegna from Mas du Diable.
You can just see above my brussels sprouts and leeks settling into their new home. I am searching around for something to protect them with at the moment.
I was never any good at successional planting, especially when it comes to lettuces! it just doesn't seem right to plant 6 lettuce seeds then wait a month. Matron has to go the whole hog straight away. Here I have rows of Winter Density, Labacher Ice, and the red one is a variety I bought on the North coast of Norway at Nordkapp. The packet said something like 'Americanischer Braun'.. well, at least they are hardy. I am going to pick these lettuce a leaf at a time.
Finally, I thought my banana 'Musa Basjoo' had bitten the dust after I forgot to cover it this Winter, but half a dozen little banana plants have started to grow from the base. Today I pulled them all up - with lovely masses of their own roots - and potted them up.