Success at Last!

This was going to be my last ditch try at growing garlic! So after a visit to the Isle of Wight garlic farm last September I bought some bulbs of seed garlic. This is the result of the 8 cloves of Early Purple garlic I planted. I am going to dry these out thoroughly in the sun for a few days. This is a hardneck variety so I will probably string them together with a needle and thread.
Strawberries are just starting to ripen. I have no idea what variety these are, they are a lovely light, more orangey colour with a superb taste!
These Courgettes Soleil F1 are growing bigger every day. We are just lacking in a really good downfall of rain everywhere at the moment. Watering with a hose just isn't the same.
My poor neighbour lost his pet bunny to fly strike a couple of weeks ago. I let some appropriate amount of time pass before I asked to take his rabbit run as a brassica cage!! He was just about to take it to the dump! This looks just the ticket to protect my lovely brussels sprouts and broccoli from the pests!
I have a fantastic crop of Hurst Greenshaft peas developing at the moment. Each pod seems to have at least 12 peas inside, they are just fattening up nicely now. I just need that downpour of rain to help them along!
Grateful thanks to Petunias Garden for sending me these Bush Delicata squash seeds from Kent, Washington. These are one of my favourite squashes, just a small hand sized squash filled with the sweetest, driest flesh ever. I planted some seeds straight away and they are almost ready to go outside now.
Raspberries are ripening too. It seems that on the first day one raspberry is ripe. I eat it. The second day two are ripe. I eat them. The third day four are ripe... and this increases exponentially each day. I was up to 8 today! I usually don't bother picking them into a bowl and taking them indoors, washing them and serving with cream.... they get eaten, piggy style, right from the plant.. there and then!